Once Upon a Time…

As the sun caresses the trees with its golden orange love the trees gracefully dance to show there happiness. Trees names of which I don’t know. And I prefer to keep them unknown. Do you believe in fairy tales? This moment I feel closest to a fairy tale world…who said they don’t exist? Giant big trees with unknown names… look at their leaves dancing in the breeze heralding spring… feel this slight warm weather… as I look out of my window I see the fairy tale world unfolding. Sometimes we are to blindfolded to look. Giant trees touching the sky. Maybe they are whispering to themselves tales of unknown worlds, brave princes and beautiful princesses, an evil king with cloak darker than the darkest night and elves singing in marvelous gardens. Maybe these trees try to tell so many tales. Maybe we have become deaf. Look at the leaves falling down like rain. These make me feel so much I cant say but I cant retain. The branches of that big tree just outside of my window. I know which of them are evil and which love me. I see their silhouettes in the moonlight and their toil during the day. Up in the sky…just where the branches touch the sky sometimes a big bird comes and sits talking with the tree. It carries news from kingdoms far far away. Where love still exists. Where men haven’t lost themselves to themselves. Where lovers still love and drown in each others eyes. Where there is a happily ever after. don’t you know? Such a world exists. The trees have told me. The squirrels and the birds know too. Look beyond yourself you will see. Those mountain tops, patches of snow…a small lad taking his cattle up the mountain to feed them. A small lass daily waits for him behind the curtains to cross her house. He knows. That is why he slows down every time he passes by desperate to get a glimpse of his love. Its is a world where miracles and magic happen! Haven’t you seen branches shaped like mountain deer? Some shaped like snake? They come alive when you are not looking. Wizards and witches fly past the purple sky just beyond the clouds. As a child you used to look at the clouds and see their shape you knew it then. When you look at the moon do you ever wonder that so many lives are looking at the same moon? The wolves are howling in the jungles…horses are running wild in rocky deserts. They see the moon too. Two birds cuddling in their nest singing sweet love songs. The hooded spies of evil kings running through the dark forests. The fair princess held captive by the evil witch also looks through the window at the moon waiting for her lover to carry her away in his arms. There are evil witches who try to pollute love by hatred. But you have to wait for love to show the way. I just got a glimpse of that world. The falling leaves told me… do you know why the leaves are falling? They are making a beautiful golden path for a brave handsome prince to ride past. His horse is darker than the night. He rides past in search of his princess. Have you tries to just stop and listen? Try.. The trees will tell you too then you will believe me. See past the curtains of society. See past the concrete walls of thousands of years. Look in someone’s eyes you will see that world. It exists here. But we have lost our sight… see as you saw as a child. You will see them. I see them, believe in them. You will believe too…

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