life @ mumbai 1

Mumbai. The decision was so sudden I did not get time to think twice. Suddenly one morning we are running all over for rail tickets and then booking flight tickets. Then the sudden air journey to Mumbai. There were so many things I thought I would write about… how the clouds looked like giant waterfalls at first and then they resembled misty undiscovered islands. I never got tired of looking outside and staring at the shapes that the clouds were forming. It was so beautiful. I was in the literal sense mesmerized! I thought of so many words to describe them so many beautiful things to write about but now they are slipping past my memory. After two hours the flight zoomed in on Mumbai. I could see green hills approaching. And then I could see a train looking like a centipede in the valleys. Everything looks so beautiful from the above. The pilots must feel so powerful traversing the world so fast and looking at cities from the above where everything appears so small so powerless. It is unearthly. I could feel that inside me. Even before landing on Mumbai I had seen the whole of Mumbai. The tall buildings slowly materialized in front of my eyes. Then came the slum areas with buildings packed like matchboxes. Everything appeared like a child’s playroom.
Then we arrived. Familiar faces. They create mixed feelings sometimes. You are so happy to see them. You realize this is what was incomplete in your life. For that spur of the moment you forget all the habits of the person you don’t like and you are just rejoiced to see him and then those habits start. Then your life is back to normal. You don’t rejoice but you don’t feel incomplete either.
At first we went to Juhu beach. On the journey to Juhu beach we faced ‘Mumbai traffic jam’! at first we were thinking its almost same as Kolkata but then we had to admit we had seen nothing like this before. The first sight welcoming us to Juhu beach was thousands of heads… the crowd. So many people were there…that it took sometime to figure out that it was a beach. Another sight I remember clearly which was new and special to this beach. There were hundreds of human shaped balloons floating in the sky. At first I thought that they were gas balloons but slowly realized that they were normal balloons made to rise up like kites. Every other kid was holding a balloon. After we had walked down the beach did we see the sea. Arabian sea!
The froth of the waves touched us. So many people were so happy shouting and waving at each other. Couples were holding hands and walking sharing so many loving looks and nudges and smiles. Juhu beach made me feel lonely yet loved. I suddenly could feel the love of my parents and my sister enveloping me from all sides. I could feel so much love from them but I can never respond. There must be some glitch in my system. The moment when I feel love and want to respond that is the moment I just cant and I don’t know what to say or do. I start being surly and moody and irritated and I love to be surrounded by them but stay quiet. We came back to a guest house in dadar. One of the most beautiful places I have seen. The room had glass windows on the seaside and we could see the whole city decorated in lights. My favorite sight in any city. At night when you look outside and see the whole city dressed so beautifully. It looks so glamorous. So fashionable classy and breathtaking. A bridge ran through the sea. Cars were racing past that bridge. Just like pictures and dreams. I slept living that dream and I woke up in that dream. I felt so happy. Just a view made me so calm and melancholy. Then my second day in Mumbai started. Today was depressing. There are many thing to write about but I am too sleepy and a third day awaits. So I have to get early. And so here I am signing out..