Each and every breath we take we are slowly moving towards death. Death is something inevitable so complete… the end of our existence. After that nothing will matter. Love, hatred nothing will exist. People want to live on through their progeny or want to stay alive in the hearts of people who will remember them for some great thing that they did. I don’t want that. It simply does not matter to me. Actually nothing matters to me any more. Everything I see around me is a lie. Nothing really matters here. There is evil inside us. The root of evil is human mind. There is evil inside me too. Sometimes I can feel it. Everything that we see, touch we destroy it.

Everyday each one of us sees some picture of a black little boy posted in facebook begging or dying of hunger. We pity them. We feel bad for them. Why? At least he is better of than the rest of us wasting our time on facebook, chatting… at least he is getting some reality. At least he is trying to be alive. We are already dead. When was the last time you felt really good about being yourself? ‘Yourself’ … does it exist anymore? Who are you? We are all the same. A herd of stupid cattle led by a stupider dog. Our whole attention is focussed on how to be cool and desirable in front of others. Would you ever fall in love with yourself? Everyone I look and see. Everyone is the same. Girls dressing up and being stupid just to get guys attention. And guys all with same hairstyles, wearing cool tees drinking, partying and thinking themselves to be the bosses of their lives.

When was the last time you looked outside saw a tree and felt amazed at how big and old it was? Or perhaps saw a beautiful sight and you were so mesmerized that you didn’t think of taking a photo and putting it on display to show the world. I hate it. I hate sharing anything with this world. Everything I have shared have been twisted into something it is not. Look outside your laptop screen. Look outside that expensive phone you carry. We are killing everything around us. Moreover we are killing ourselves. We measure our worth with amount of money we earn, measure beauty by how fashionable we look. Sometimes just see beyond it. We are told to feel sorry for beggars so we do. We go to orphanages and try to spend time with kids we feel sorry for. Don’t feel sorry. Maybe its way better than your life. At least they are not hooked to inanimate objects which tell them how to feel, how to dress, whom to love or how to behave. Think. Sometimes just stop and think.

You will get this chance at life only once. And every moment you are trudging towards your end. Don’t be that fake and stupid person anymore. Wake up. And live. You know that television is also known as the “idiot box”? Then think what we can name social media and those enormous applications we spend our time indulging in? With social media and chats we have created a world of illusion and we live inside it. Compete inside it. We don’t even get a chance at real life! Snap out of it! And live the moments you have. Do what you want to do! Go out dress like a pauper and laugh at all those who laugh at you. See around you…not people but see this earth. Fall in love with it. Don’t be herded by an insolent dog. Run away! See things never seen before. Do things never done before. Create something before you die.


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