stages of love…

When I was a teenager I thought I knew exactly what love was. I was so sure I will find my true love someday. My idea of love was slowly formed from the hundreds of books read and movies that I had watched. Love to me was simple, natural. Friendship was something that was always with you. Friends never left you, they never judged you.


Love is when you love to be with someone. When you can be yourself with him and still he loves you back. Love is when you feel love is there. You feel warm, cared, loved and he makes you smile, you make him laugh and you stick together through all odds. You try to make the other feel special in your own stupid ways.


Love is fighting and then resolving everything to say i love you once again. Love is getting jealous. Love is not talking getting angry and then again just smiling it all away.


Love is crying and pain? Love is getting hurt? Love is being misunderstood? Love is getting clingy?

Love is still loving him madly.


Love is being hurt? Love is being left? Love is screaming in pain after desertion?


Love is sweet. Love is forgiving. Getting back together again and the longingness felt.


Love is doubting? Not trusting? Playing the detective? Driving him to the wall. Getting hurt.


Love is desertion. Love is pain. Desperation? Again getting back? Love is you running around like mad just for his care, to make him smile. Love is his coldness?? love is not even being with each other? Is love a duty?


Love is not smiling together for you start to forget how long. Love is living worlds apart. Love is a cold shoulder. Love, to him you don’t even matter. Love, he knows but still wont come. Or worse, he hasn’t spared a thought. Love is still hoping and making a fool out of yourself? Love is still pain. Love is now tears washing away the last of love left.


It was meant to be so simple. So easy. Just smiles and laughs. Love to me was losing the easiest game of life. They write about stars and moons and vows. Tales of mermaids and princes and true love? All bullshit. All they should tell you is how not to love, how not to care, how to forget and hurt. Then my love you will win the game of love.